Starters | Antipasti

Perfect for sharing Italian style Served with organic wholemeal sourdough  or gluten free bread

Salmone bio marinato (fi) (mi)   €13

House-cured cold-smoked fresh Irish organic salmon (origin co. Clare), citrus zest and spices.

Served with pan-fried Denis Healy organic cavolo nero and cream of Fivemiletown goat cheese 

Antipasto misto (mi)  (suitable to share)     €14.50

Antipasto Misto board of wild venison salame, black truffle salame, 18 months cured Parma ham, Apulian olives. Cheese : Wicklow blue and Knocknamore smoked 

Polpette alla Amatriciana (e) (mi) (wh) €8

Dry aged minced beef and pork meatballs slow cooked in tomato sauce. 


“Cacio e pepe” cream and crispy guanciale dust 


Caprese e prosciutto speck (mi)  €12

Creamy fior di latte from Toonsbridge (co Cork), with sliced smoked cured prosciutto ham

Il prosciutto di Parma (suitable to share)  € 12

Slices of 18 months cured prosciutto di Parma

Minestrone soup (cel)  (v) (vg)   €7.5

Homemade Roman style soup with an abundant variety of local and seasonal vegetables. 


With borlotti, chickpeas and a touch of tomato


Verdure e formaggi  (v)  (mi) €13

House grilled courgettes and aubergines. Great artisan Irish cheese: Wicklow blue, 


Knocknamore smoked, Wexford extra mature cheddar 


Bruschetta al pomodoro (v) (vg) (wh) €6

Chargrilled la levain sourdough, sliced vine tomatoes, fresh basil and Apulia DOP E.V.O. oil & garlic

Bruschetta con calamari (mol) (wh) (crus) €9

Chargrilled La Levain sourdough, slow cooked ragout of fresh calamari in tomato sauce. Southern Italian style.


Bruschetta funghi e provola (wh) (mi) (sul)  €9

 Baked La Levain sourdough, smoked scamorza cheese. Mixed Irish mushroom & house-made fragrant pork sausage 


Pasta | Risotto

Tortiglioni Amatriciana  (wh) (mi)  €16

Durum wheat Tortiglioni pasta with cured guanciale, tomato sauce,

Black pepper and Pecorino Romano DOP cheese   

Panzerotti ai funghi porcini  (e) (mi) (wh)   (v) €17

Fresh gran panzerotti filled with champignon and wild mushrooms.

In an Irish oyster mushroom and Parmigiano DOP fonduta cream, finished with white truffle oil

Cavatappi alla Bolognese (wh) (cel) €16

Durum wheat cavatappi curls, Slow-cooked tomato ragout of Gilligan’s farm Black Angus beef and free-range pork. 

Tagliatelle fatte da noi al ragu di salsiccia (wh) (e) (sul)   €17

Bar Italia hand-made fresh tagliatelle, house-made free range Irish pork sausage and tomato ragout & Italian wild fennel

Spaghetti ai frutti di mare (crus) (wh) (mol) (fi)  €20

Bar Italia hand-made water and flour spaghetti with Roaring Bay organic mussels, Large black tiger prawns, fresh baby squid, seabass ragout, Chili flakes and Sicilian cherry tomatoes (all fish is shelled)

Lasagna tradizionale (wh) (e) (cel) (mi)   €16

Layers of pasta sheets with slow-cooked Gilligan’s farm Irish beef and free range pork ragout, Tomato and béchamel sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano DOP

Risotto ai funghi selvatici con speck (mi) (e)  €20

Carnaroli risotto, mixed wild Irish mushrooms, smoked cured speck ham, winter garden herbs.Vegetarian guests please ask for no meat .

Mains | Carne e Pesce

Pollo brasato  (sul)  €18

Slow Braised Fernhill (Kildare) farm succulent thigh (bone-in) chicken in red wine,


Onions, carrots, smoked salt and aromatic herbs.  


Side of rosemary potatoes


Lombo d’agnello porchettato (cel) €26

Low, slow and plancha co. Roscommon lamb boneless rack with herbs light marinade.

Served with rosemary potatoes and vegs. Served pink

Costata di manzo Irlandese   €29.5

Char-grilled, Achill Sea salt dry aged 28 days, Gilligan’s farm


Pasture-fed Black Angus ribeye of beef steak (300 grs/11 oz).

Served with rosemary potatoes and vegs.

Filetto di spigola con patate e verdure  (fi)   €20 

Pan-fried fillet of seabass. Served with rosemary potatoes and vegs 



A minimum of 72 hours natural fermentation

(12 inch size)

Extra Parma ham €4.5, extra buffalo mozzarella €3 , all others €2. Gluten free base extra €2

Margherita Semplice €14

Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella , fresh basil (v) (mi) (wh) 

Diavola €15

Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella, spicy Tuscan salami (mi) (wh) 

Margherita con bufala   €15

Tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella DOP, fresh basil (v) (mi) (wh) 

Calzone folded pizza   €15

Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella, house-roasted porchetta ham (mi) (wh) 

Norcina   €15

Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella, house-made pork sausage, rocket (mi) (wh)(sul)

Capricciosa €16

Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge mozzarella, mushrooms, roasted ham, 

Black olives & artichoke (mi) (wh) 

Pizza Vegetariana  €16

Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella, grilled aubergines and courgettes (v) (wh) (mi)

Marinara €11.50

Double tomato sauce, Sicilian oregano, fresh basil and garlic (v) (vg) (no cheese)(wh) 

Vegana €15

Double tomato sauce, grilled aubergines and courgettes. (v) (vg)  (no cheese) (wh) 

Calzone Leccese Rosso €15

Tomato sauce, Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella, smoked cheese,  (mi) (wh) spicy salame, Fiodena sauce( homemade extra spicy sauce) (folded pizza)

Pizza without tomato sauce | Pizze bianchi

Romana €14.50

Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella, roasted  ham, roast potatoes & rosemary(mi)(wh)

Quattro formaggi  €15

Toonsbridge fior di latte mozzarella, cream of four Italian cheeses DOP (v) (mi) (wh) (e)

Crudaiola  €16

Buffalo mozzarella, rocket leaves, Sicilian cherry tomatoes, Prosciutto di Parma (wh) (mi)

(Please note all toppings served fresh after cooking)

Salsiccia e patate €14.50

Toonsbridge mozzarella, house-made fragrant pork sausage, roast rosemary potatoes (wh) (mi) (sul)

Sides | Contorni

Patate  (v)(vg) €4.5

Rosemary  potatoes

Insalata mista (sul)  (v)(vg)  €4.5

Mixed leaves salad with Sicilian cherry tomatoes dressed with Apulia  extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar from Modena

Schiacciatella  (v) (vg)   (wh)   €6

Pizza focaccia with sea salt, rosemary and extra virgin olive oil,

Perfect to share with antipasti, friends and family or to accompany your favourite Bar Italia dish

Verdure  (v)(vg) €6

Selection of local and seasonal vegs. Ask staff for details

We are proud to work with premium and local suppliers...

Our  panzerotti, ravioli  and tagliatelle are made with fresh eggs and 00 italian flour. 

All our pasta is cooked to order al dente like any true Italian would so a little time is needed.

Our fior di latte mozzarella is from Toonsbridge co-Cork made with the help of Italian cheese master.

Our pizza tomato sauce is made with Italian plum tomato, fresh basil and sea salt.

Our pizza dough is made with the best flour in Italy  for an exceptional Napoletana-style result.

The fresh fish is suplied by Kish fish’s fishmonger, sourcing the freshest from Howth, Kilmore quay and Cork.

The chicken and pork are free range,  supplied by John Young’s butchers,  farmed  in co. Kildare. 

The beef is supplied by Gilligan’s farm and dry aged in cave of Achill sea salt for a minimum of 28 days. 

The lamb is from Gilligan’s farm in co. Roscommon

Our salmon is house-cured and  cold smoked . Our bread is from la Levain bakery in Dublin, Rossa uses  only organic  flour and traditional sourdough baking method.

Vegan customers please ask your waiter for recommendation

Allergens shown in bold:

(wh) wheat, (mi) milk, (cel) celery, (e) egg, (sul) sulphites, (mol) mollusc, (crus) crustacean, 

(f) fish,(so) soya, (mus) mustard, (nut) nuts, (se) sesame, (lp) lupin, (pn) peanuts.

Please inform a member of the staff if you have any allergies.



With an extensive selection of Italian wines to tempt any taste, you are sure to find something to perfectly complement your meal.

Our selection starts from €28 and of course we have some spectacular Barolos and Amarones. You can download our whole list and have a browse at your leisure.