Our Story

While we are keeping apart , we are delighted to offer you a taste of our menu in the confort of your home

During the lockdown, we had the time to experiment and perfecting what we love most: all things Italian! We have created a whopping 72 hours plus fermentation pizza dough that is very high in hydration (85%), resulting in easy digestibility. This is a product unique to Ireland and a rare thing around the world. Regular wheat flour could not support that length of fermentation so we had to come up with a special blend of wheat, soya and rice, resulting in a very important protein load (upward of 22%). We are sure you will notice the difference. Buy one of our pizza kits to discover the flavour and the benefit of the long fermentation pizza.


We perfected our fresh pasta too, creating a water and flour range of shapes as well as egg traditional ones. We have matched them with a range of sauces for you to finish at home in less than 5 mins. These are fantastic options to keep in the fridge for your ideal lunch or dinner any time of the week!

Our online shop has the finest wines, olives oils, aged balsamic, wine gadgets and Italian delicacies for the foodie in your life. Most available for shipping in Ireland

For 22 years we have consistently been one of Dublin's top-rated Italian restaurants and are a favourite with the Italian community in Ireland, which is a source of pride and joy to us.

We are of course following all of the Government protocols to keep you safe. 

David Izzo